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Post Operative Instructions

The treated leg will be wrapped in an ace type compression dressing. Sleep with this wrap on your leg the first night after the procedure. Remove all dressing material the following night before bedtime. Shower quickly and go to bed without wearing a compression wrap or stocking on second night. When you awake in the morning immediately put on your thigh high compression stocking preferably before getting out of bed. Wear thigh high compression stockings from morning until bedtime until you are re-checked in the office in one or two weeks. You may sleep without compression stockings after the first night.

Bruising and mild pain or soreness is normal. You may take anti inflammatory medication like Aleve or Advil or other over the counter pain medication like Tylenol as needed. If you have severe pain, bleeding or signs of infection (fever, drainage from wound, bad smell at procedure site) call the office or the on call number below.

We would like you to continue to keep moving and maintain a normal level of activity. Walking twice daily for 10–20 minutes is encouraged and promotes speedy healing. Several days after the procedure you may get some inflammation at the treatment site. This inflammation is part of the process and to be expected. Avoid prolonged sitting or standing in the same place for the first week and elevate your legs at least 3 times a day for 5 to 10 minutes.

We expect you to be able to resume all your pre-procedure activities (including work) the following day, if necessary. Some patients find it helpful to take a day or two off from work.

Avoid strenuous exercise such as aerobics, weight training, or running for 1–2 weeks until you are rechecked in the office.

Post Operative Medications

Take you regular prescribed medications as usual.

Call our office at 301-714-4488 if you have any questions. If urgent and after hours, call our Special Procedure Radiologist on call at 301-790-8113. If you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency, go to the nearest Emergency Department.

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